TOTAL AUDIO has a tremendous inventory of used ALTEC LANSING equipment. Our primary focus is ALTEC speaker systems & the various components that make them up.

As the years pass by the really old items are becoming more & more difficult to find. Our prices will reflect the scarcity of these items.

We have large supplies of the most common speakers & drivers that Altec produced. These will include: complete A7 & A5 speaker systems, or individual drivers such as the 288C's & K's,  802D's, 808A's, 902A's & B's, 908A's, 416A's & C's, 515B & G's, 825 & 828 LF cabinets, N500C's & F's, N8500's, N501 & N801's, 811 & 511 sectoral horns, 805B, 1005B multicell horns, MR5**II small format Manta-ray fiberglass horns.

As stated above, we do have the other drivers etc. not listed above just not in quantity. Please submit any special request here for these items


Otherwise, if you know what you want please click here & we will contact you & process your order.


Thank you for using TOTAL AUDIO.

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