TOTAL  AUDIO                             WARRANTY  & RETURN  INFORMATION  

TOTAL AUDIO stands behind everything we sell, totally . We will make every attempt to make your purchase a such a great experience that you will come back to us time and again. Better yet, we hope you will be so pleased with your experience @ Total Audio that you will help spread the word.  We value customer feedback and do our best to cater to your needs.

When we list that the item is in "working condition" then Total Audio will guarantee that the item will work properly when you receive it ( except for shipping damage ).  We highly recommend shipping insurance. Total Audio will replace any defective item so long that it is returned to us for inspection. We reserve the right to refuse replacement if it appears that the item we sent is not in the same condition as it left: ie. it has become damaged or something else happened to it. Shipping insurance will cover any damage issues. Total Audio will not. 

If we list equipment "as is, untested" then there is NO warranty expressed or implied that the item(s) will be functional when you receive it. SO please CAVEAT EMPTOR on these items.

If you have any questions about the terms & conditions listed above please email or call us (913-362-3762).


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